An Opening Statement from The WordsMyth

Return Of The Ancient Ones

Mankind is on the cusp of a profound evolution of mind and spirit. Our place in, and understanding of the universe can be catapulted to immeasurable heights, if we the people choose to acknowledge, accept and embrace the great changes that must take place, if we are to survive as free and creative beings. As punctuality goes for the imperative of survival, let me say that man as a whole has overslept, and if man does not wake up and smell his own fear, and be mobilized to alchemize it into love and the realization of his potential, he will surely miss the boat to a richer, more fulfilling tomorrow. But be sure that for the moment, that boat is still docked, yet the chance to board will be fleeting, if we don’t seize it now. We have sent ourselves this boat from our collective sub-conscious. I speak of a place within us that knows and remembers what it means to be as much a part of this universe, as we are a part of each other. A place that has been taken from us, and that we have been taken from; systematically. However, many are waking, recalling, and realizing the urgency of the situation and are taking action. They are taking action against an enemy so powerful that it surrounds us at constant. This enemy has succeeded at a mind-control initiative of global proportions that is so well executed, that it proves the Nazi movement to have been just a warm up, for the same twisted individuals. It has put into effect a false reality which keeps us bound to an existence mirroring precisely that of a battery cell. A reality which has clearly defined, artificial boundaries, and which expends our life-force for the purpose and benefit of the user’s end game, until Human Resource energy depletion. The network constructed to keep us in this cycle is vast and protected beyond belief, but not beyond the reaches of Collective, Mindful change, guided by spirit.

The duty lay equally in all of us to first perceive and see the false reality, spread the awareness of our captivity, and lastly, but most importantly, to hear the call to action and rise up in the face of true tyranny so that we can defeat it. This is the war of all wars, and we can fight and win with Hearts and Minds. They have attacked and disabled our intrinsic knowledge and powers, our sense of interconnectedness to all things, our freedom, our creative potential, our love. Although on the surface is a battlefield where the loot is money and power, deeper insights reveal a battle of greater importance, a spiritual war for our minds, which is entwined with our souls and leads to the expending of our energies in the WRONG direction. One which has been initiated, propagated and which has for a while, been being won by an intertwined collection of families and bloodlines whose roots, roads to power and means of control have never set foot in a classroom or textbook at any level of education, public or private. So if the knowledge is not coming to you, it is your duty to go to the knowledge. Seek it, find out for yourself, Stop blindly accepting what the system tells you. Thusly, you will empower yourself and be of greater value to yourself, your kin, your fellow man, and the world at large. Knowledge truly is power, however, those in power who have kept the knowledge from us, have twisted and abused the nature of that power and have used it for an unnatural power-over, as opposed to its true expressions of creative power and love power, which has created an ocean of Service-To-Self people, as opposed to an Abundantly more enriching, Service-To-Others mindset and milieu. They know many truths about mans’ past, present and future, and it is with such knowledge in the hands of evil, that an entire planet has been successfully manipulated and controlled, until now. What we have been forced to un-know, is that both our present capacity as well as our potential, are both limitless. We don’t need them or their fear based system of disinformation and material hunger, which leaves us detached from our true selves, subordinate and in fear, and busy running fools errands ad nausium. Because by wasting our time on endeavors that will in no way improve our situation, and focusing on things to buy and soulless idols, we’ve allowed ourselves to be played like Fools.

What we need is ourselves, and each other. We need communication. We need brotherhood, freedom and an environment that fosters and feeds human development, rather than one which poisons, abuses and suppresses it. And you better believe we have been poisoned. Poisoned in our hearts, minds, bodies and souls, but we can reverse that. This is why I urge you to realize your world, get cognizant of the untruths told, while YOUR truths unfold. We MUST hold the deceptive leaders accountable for their treasons against humanity, and we must start with our own, at the highest level. No Politician, Corporate Head or Bankster is “TOO BIG TO FAIL” or “TO BIG TO JAIL”, while a man in Lousiana was just sentenced to 18 YEARS in jail for possessing 18 grams of Cannabis (IT’S A GODDAMN NATURAL PLANT), Bankers who scammed Trillions of dollars and stole people’s homes, and Pharmaceutical Companies who knowingly push drugs they know make people sick and kill them, etc.. WALK FREE AND CONTINUE TO MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS A DAY! If you do not find that sick and twisted, unjust to the highest degree, then you are equally a part of the problem.

It is time that we mobilize under the shield of our own rights, the constitution, and beyond that, Natural Law (although you have no idea what that is, and it was not your fault for a good portion of your life). Let us recall that it is ‘We The People’ who hold the power to keep or dismiss those who we SUPPOSEDLY put into positions of leadership, as the voting process is a farce, but the impeachment process is not. We can legally, within our rights, exercise our power to say No, this is Not what we want. Be mindful that almost all presidents are puppets of higher levels of control as well as are their decisions. However, the operative function and endgame of such an act of defiance, is for the purpose of reminding the public that WE have the power. This act of solidarity would birth a new era of commonality, a reawakening of our power, lawful and spiritual alike. And, we would capture the world stage with an act of loyalty to each other and to our rights.

Americans have become so jaded, sedated, misguided, misinformed, comfortable, afraid and just too damn busy to see What’s Really Going On right in front of their eyes, much less to do anything about it. However, I urge you to prove the String-pullers wrong. I still have hope for, and faith in all of you. I don’t blame you completely for where we are and what we have become, but you are not innocent in the matter either. Let’s make a stand before those who thrive on our blood and energy, initiate plans that will leave us all eternally regretful we did not act sooner. Catastrophic plans which do not involve a bright future for you or your children at all. The number one killer on this beautiful planet, is ignorance, let’s end it now. Together. United. In Love, Spirit, Sustainability, Abundance and The Creator, We Must Trust.

Nothing in the world is more dangerous than a sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

Martin Luther King, Jr

Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.

 –Dalai Lama

Ignorance is the night of the mind, a night without moon or star


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